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Toofn Sling Bag| Shoulder Bag With a Lovely Deer Shell on Kilimall

I am one of those people who use one handbag until its completely worn out before i can think of buying a new one.

Thanks to Kilimall, i found my new “culprit”.

Check out this lovely deer shell sling bag here.

This shoulder bag is surprisingly pocket friendly at only Ksh799 and it’s available in purple, black, rose red and yellow. Click here to get it.

We all  know that cheap is expensive, right?

So i decided to check what the other customers who had purchased the sling bag on Kilimall had to say.

I found about 74 feed backs and the shoulder bag has been rated 5 star.

These are some of the customer feed backs i found on Kilimall.

Key Features

Material: High quality PU leather

Structure: Inter-layer bag, Zipper bag, Phone bag

Price: Ksh799

I know what you are thinking.

It’s a pretty good deal.

I think so too.

Take a look at some of the other available colors on Kilimall.

Click here to get it in pink on Kilimall.To purchase this sling black sling bag on Kilimall at only Ksh799,  click here and let me know what you think.



3 Reasons Why Most Freelance Writers in Kenya Are Not Making Money + How To Fix It

You are dragging the success of your freelance writing career by you solely relying on shitty content mill.

Content mills are only good for helping you learn the basics of article writing.

You can’t take up writing full time charging low rates and dealing with shifty clients while delivering high quality content.

I have seen writers get scammed thousands of their hard earned money on Facebook groups.

What happens is someone puts up a post selling an iwriter Elite account and promises you that you’ll start making money immediately because this account has over 200 reviews.

Once you send you money the conman blocks your lazy ass.

Let’s talk about 3 reasons why you are not making enough money to enable you take up freelance writing full.



Successful online writers swear that, without a website you cannot succeed.

You need a website to market your services online and feature your work samples so clients can easily find you.

You also need a website so you can have a professional email to use while cold pitching to high profile clients.

This strategy is guaranteed to land you high paying and long term clients and of course reduce your article rejection rate.

What about if you have a website but no one reads, comments or shares your blog posts?

I will tell you what you are doing wrong with your content.

You are not writing your content from a marketing perspective.


Focus on content marketing and tailor your blog posts to a targeted audience if you want to attract and retain readers.

Avoid fluff and unpractical posts and use key words to optimize you posts for SEO.

Write about a niche you have experience in so that you can give practical advice to your readers.

Offer a free e-book to help you build your email listing so you can always inform your readers when you have a new post on the blog.

Learn wordpress and use your knowledge to manage and market other writer’s content and blog posts.



Most writers don’t ever get published on any local or major websites.

We think that we need to gain years of experience in freelance writing before working on social proof.

But that is the wrong freelance writing marketing strategy.

You have to be willing to write content for free and publish as many articles and guest posts as possible.

Every successful writer knows you need social proof to command high rates for your content.

Nigerian successful writer Bamidele Onibalusi, in his interview with Anca Dumitru, said in the first eight months of blogging he published no less than 270 guest blog posts.


Start by writing guest blog posts for local websites.

Strive to get your articles published on major sites, i.e. Huffington Post, Forbes and other publications.

Publish on LinkedIn Pulse.



If you take freelance writing as a full time career you need a business strategy.

Be ready to spend money to make more money.

Pay for that expensive online writing course that is guaranteed to sky rocket your freelance career.

Throwing yourselves in online writing jobs without proper training with a get-rich-quick attitude is like planning to fail.

Who plans to fail?


Take online paid certification courses.

Invest in e-books, free courses and subscribe to email listing from major blogs and websites for updates.

Read articles on your niche

Practice writing 3000 words a day.